Spread and Hold!

We knew getting to Terros that he would be a pain to progress, and indeed he was. The new mechanic Infused Fallout was very annoying, but we resolved it as best we could by letting the ranged spread and hold, while the melee would touch eachother straight away. We needed a lot of pulls to make everything work, but tonight was finally the night when Terros finally bit the dust! Back next week for a rekill!!

The Storm-Eater!

We have been working on Raszageth the Storm-Eater over the past weeks, and progress has at times been slow. It’s a long fight, with moments that are easy to mess up, and it’s taken us a while to get through phase one and two, and the intermissions. Today we finally got to the last phase and it turns out it was the easiest one, and now she’s dead! This was a really great end-boss, and it was a lot of fun to progress the fight. Good job everyone!

Breaking Pillars

We had a choice between Terros and the Primal Council as our second mythic encounter, and the choice was easy in favour of the council. The mythic changes did not seem very daunting; and we quickly got into the fight even though to begin with we didn’t really have the dps, probably because everyone was focusing on the mechanics. Today we were back for more, and finally things fell into place. The Primal Council is dead! Terros next!

A Mythic Sneak Peek!

After killing Diurna we had some time to check out the first mythic encounter, as we had a feeling heroic Raszageth would perhaps be harder than mythic Eranog. Turns out we were right and Eranog was a pushover! The first mythic boss of the expansion is dead!


Broodkeeper Diurna was next, and we immediately faced the “How to follow a path”-complication as well as “Who breaks which egg?”-issue. Clearly the best encounter in the whole raid, and we went in hard only to realise that this boss hits hard back! After some tank-deaths, and some bad egg-work, we finally sorted it all out and at that point it was just the last phase to live through. Today we managed that as well, and Diurna is dead!

Blowing us off!

We had some time on Dathea last reset and realised she was a bit of an obstacle, like Terros. Mostly we managed to mess up the platforms. This week we were back for more, and we immediately did better. A few more pulls and she was dead! Good job everyone, only two bosses to go!