Next on the list was Tyrant Velhari. We knew ahead of time that she would be hitting hard and that it wouldn’t be an easy fight. We had a tactic in mind, where at the start of the fight the ranged would make two separate groups and soak Edict of Condemnation together. After some deaths we remade the tactic to have one group that would gather in the middle instead, after all the Aura of Oppression didn’t really do that much damage. Following some more issues in phase one, mainly with Annihilation strike, we started getting to phase 2. At first we had some dps issues getting her down to 40% fast enough. Our solution to that was to not let any of the “three minute cooldown people” pop their CDs at the start, and instead wait for phase 2 to pop them. From that point on everyone continuously remembered to pop their cooldowns at the exact right moment, and we soon had the boss dead. Excellent job everyone!


We hit him. He died!

Next on the list was Fel Lord Zakuun. We had heard that he would be the last “easy boss” on mythic, but we soon realised there was plenty to mess up on in this encounter. Especially towards the end of the fight when he enrages. We were a little bit unsure if we should soak the 4th puddles or leave them up and burn the boss. Once we decided to do the latter we got enough dps to kill the boss before he killed us.

Observe: Since the art-department were a tad slow getting the screenshot for this kill, I had a hard time remembering how we actually progressed on the fight. I asked Ingek and he explained it very clearly: We hit him. He died.


Next on the list was Socrethar the Eternal. However a few of the resets after first killing Gorefiend, we spent a lot of time on rekilling him. We had an inkling that killing Socrethar wouldn’t be that hard, but we never really got there to try. Once we finally did, we realised that it was all about killing the first add. We assigned Nilet to be the kiter and soon phase one was coming together. After that phase two was not very tricky, especially since Thyrah has had a lot of practise driving the robot while we were still trying to get heroic Conqueror gloves to drop. Within a few tries Socrethar the Eternal was dead!


Belly up!

When we reached Gorefiend we knew he was trouble. It was the boss we would be stuck on for weeks. However, already the first night we had some significant progress. Then we had a less successful reset where we had to cancel a raid, and this week we’re back again. What we’ve wiped on so far is generally everything you can wipe on in the fight and we know what we should do. The mantra of the day is “Absolutely no dps on the boss!”, which sounds counter-intuitive for killing a boss. But we started having some good tries and then we got him! It wasn’t a clean kill by any means, but the Gorefiend is dead! With time left on the clock we marched up to Shadow-lord Iskar to see what the encounter was all about. And after a few wipes, and carefully distributing our cooldowns in the best way we could think of, the shadow-lord was also dead! Two bosses in one night, yet again. Good work guys!


Observe: The art department ended up with only blurry screenshots of our kills, and has thus decided to print a pre-pull picture of Hithroc posing with Iskar.

Item upgrades!

Hellfire Council was the next fight on the agenda, and we realised early on it would take us some time to get used to the changes of the fight and to do it right. We made a lot of small changes along the way, in regards to positioning and how to deal with Bloodboils. After several wipenights we had gotten the hang of the fight and were coming up towards the finishing line, without getting all the way. Then came the ilvl upgrade-patch this Wednesday. And today we oneshotted them! Then we went onwards to Kilrogg Deadeye, and killed him too in five tries. Item level upgrades clearly made the difference! Gorefiend next!


Another Pounding!

We had some time last reset to look at Kormrok, and noticed that he didn’t seem as difficult as Iron Reaver. Today we were back for more, finally with a full guildgroup. At first it had seemed like the final part, when he reaches the purple pool was teh tricky part. Then we changed where to put Heroism, to have it almost at raidstart, but after the first leap; when everyone has trinkets and cooldowns. Turned out the difference was big and we didn’t really reach the tricky part at the purple pool anymore. Kormrok dead! Council next!