We went to Shad’har next, thinking we would have an easier time with him than any of the other available bosses: Hivemind, Xanesh and Drestagath. While that might have been true, we still struggled a while with the Shad’har fight. We felt low on both dps and healing, and the fact that we had tank-trials in the middle of it (when the boss hits like a truck) didn’t help. But we slowly worked it out, got better at dealing with feeding the boss, and soaking orbs, and not taking damage in general. And then it started coming together. Tonight Shad’har finally died. Good job everyone!

Maut to Maut!

After the Skitra freekill we went to Maut and used all the worldmarkers to make assignments for every part of the encounter. We decided to use three tanks, and made Anagalf tank adds by the blue marker. The new decurse mechanic was fairly easy to deal with, so it was mainly business as usual. Soon enough we stopped killing ourselves in phase 2 and instead killed the boss! Good job everyone! 3 mythic bosses in one reset!

Detective work!

Last week we entered mythic for the first time, and this week we were back at Wrathion. The encounter felt really fun, a step up from heroic, and not a zerg-boss but where we had to actually learn the fight properly. We were close a few times today and then finally we got him! We managed to get one of the top 300 slowest killtimes EU, but Wrathion is dead! We had some time left and went over to Prophet Skithra and imagine our surprise when we oneshot the boss! Skithra mythic also down. Well deserved everyone!

The Corruptor!

The final boss in Ny’alotha was N’zoth. We struggled a little with learning the different parts of the fight, and doing enough damage to get through. Primarily we had issues in the second phase to push through the visions in time with half the group on the outside. But we improved with practise (even if Luria still hasn’t learned to not pull the boss) and today it was a done deal. N’zoth the corruptor is dead and we can move into mythic! Great job guys!


After a whole raid of eyes and tentacles, we finally reached the second to last boss: Carapace of N’zoth. A tentacled boss who brings us through layers of the carapace of N’zoth while spawning tentacles (with and without eyes) and cysts. Nice! The fight turned out to be really easy, and it didn’t take us very long to get the boss down. The Carapace of N’zoth is defeated, or penetrated maybe (?), and to clear the raid we only have N’zoth himself left!

Recurring Nightmare

Didn’t we kill this boss before? Next on the list was Il’gynoth and the fight presented some issues, primarily during mindcontrol. We were either letting the mindcontrolled players overrun us, or we killed them with spells that hit too hard. But it was fun to have some resistance on heroic mode, and not just zerg through the bosses. It took us a few pulls to get our stuff together, and then he was down! Il’gynoth dead, again, only two bosses to go!