More Ny’alotha!

After getting stuck on Dark Inquisitor Xanesh last raid, we came back tonight for more ball action! We did it much smoother than last time, and soon Xanesh was dead! We moved on to Hivemind, which seemed chaotic at first, but soon turned out to be easy. Two more bosses dead, Shad’har incoming tomorrow!


Finally Ny’alotha, the last raid of the expansion, has opened! We had an idea that we would get a few bosses down on the first night, and we were right. Wrathion wasn’t a huge obstacle, Prophet Skitra was a oneshot and Maut we just needed a few pulls to get right. We moved on to Xanesh and did manage to wipe the remainder of the evening on her, but we’ll be back again on Sunday to sort it out! More bosses to come!

Organising Orgozoa!

Next boss on the list was Orgozoa and we knew it would be a three tank fight with heavy tankdamage. As we were looking to recruit a second tank (as we have been the whole expansion really) there were quite a few different setups over the following weeks of progression. Early on we decided on fixed positions in the room, with some back and forth about where the boss should best be tanked. And then we just went at it, wiped, and went again. Not much changed over the weeks, other than that we got better at doing everything right and not taking unnecessary damage. And this week we finally had it! Orgozoa is dead! Tight job everyone!

Observe: Some people were assigned the same position every week. Others were less lucky… The artdepartment chose to, instead of a bosspicture, publish a chart of Kailyn’s different assigned positions.

Lady Luck!

We knew the Lady Ashvane encounter would be the first difficult boss in mythic Eternal Palace. And the first times we pulled her, it really felt like we were far away from the dps and healing required. At first we were working on learning the fight and surviving, with the thought that we would have to kill her in the 3rd burn-phase. However recently we took a chance to try a different tactic, to attempt to kill her in 2 burn-phases and saving every single cooldown for those phases to make that happen. And even though there were some doubts that we had the dps to do it, it soon seemed like the better tactic. We had a few pulls where we were really close but without getting the kill, but tonight we did better! Lady Ashvane is dead! Orgozoa next!


After cancelling a few raids due to not enough signups, we were finally back at Blackwater Behemoth to finally try to finish him off. We had our tactics in order, and we knew what to do. We had already had the boss on low %, without getting the kill. But tonight it finally worked out! Blackwater Behemoth is dead! Lady Ashvane is up next!

Breezing Through!

After killing Sivara we went to Radiance of Azshara, which we had heard would be the easiest option. It turned out the rumours were true. It did not take us many pulls to figure out that the only issue in the fight was really to have enough dispells on each side as we did the fight split up. A few pulls later Radiance of Azshara was dead! Behemoth is next!

Observe: The art-department decided to put in as much work on portraying the boss as it took us to kill it. The result is questionable.