Tomb of Sargeras!

First night in Tomb of Sargeras. We had already tested half the bosses out on normal mode. Heroic was a little bit harder, although the first three bosses went down pretty quick. However Mistress Sassz’ine proved to be the first bigger obstacle and we were stuck on her the rest of the evening. So after one night we have Goroth, Demonic Inquisition and Harjatan dead! More to come on Sunday!

Last chance!

Next on the agenda was Tichondrius mythic. We expected the fight to be a little bit more difficult than Krosus and Spellblade, but once we strated to get into it it seemed pretty straightforward. At least with Teldryn and Spaas blocking the Seeker swarms. At first we tried to clear off the Brands of Argus in good moments, but then we changed our minds and just let the people with brands keep them throughout the fight. That however complicated the night-phases somewhat, but once we realised that some people could evade dying with immunities things felt less panicy during the night. We spent some more time wiping to random mistakes, but on the last week of Nighthold, we finally had Tichondrius dead! Good job everyone! Tomb of Sargeras next!!

Gaining some ranks, part 2.

This week we had time to go to Emerald Nightmare. We had some struggles on Il’gynoth, who had become easier – but hadn’t become a free kill so everyone who was new to the fight had to somewhat learn the tactics. Once we passed him we had a few wipes on Xavius, before he bit the dust. Emerald Nightmare cleared and we gained over 90 ranks on wowprogress. Good job guys!!

Observe: Screenshotted by Ingekek who got lost in the darkness when taking the photo!

Gaining some ranks, part 1.

We decided to spend some leftover raidtime on going back to Trial of Valor and Emerald Nightmare, to kill some more mythic bosses. We realised that our wowprogress rank would hardly move if we killed Tichondrius, while it would jump very far up if we got some older bosses. It shouldn’t be that way really, but now that it is, it’s hard to find recruits if you don’t abide!

First night: Odyn and Guarm down. We spent quite some time getting the 3rd phase in order. He wasn’t a free kill. Guarm was though!

Pitch Perfect!

With Spellblade Aluriel finally dead we were back to Krosus. We quickly realised that the first and second Burning Pitches were the tricky ones and if we got beyond those with everyone alive we would be in good shape. We took our Aluriel experience of having a plan for every step of the way and we implemented it here as well, except now it was easier because things were less random. Everyone had exact assignments and everything was called. And it didn’t take us very long to get to the end of the fight, just one night. Krosus is dead! Tichondrius next!

Observe: The above screenshot is not taken as the boss dies, but rather at the beginning of the fight with Spaas showing us where the rogues have been assigned to stand!

The Mark of Frost game!

After killing Trilliax we tested both Spellbender Aluriel and Krosus. We decided that while Krosus seemed to have an easier tactic, it still seemed hard to deal with all the adds, and the run back was brutal after every wipe. We decided that we had to learn the tactics for Aluriel eventually anyway, and we may as well do it straight away with a shorter run back. Then problems hit. Easter came round the corner and several raiders had planned vacations. At the same time some raiders took a break from raiding. We were already slightly low on numbers after having parted ways with two raiders a short period before Easter and now we were in big trouble. We resolved the troubles by pugging, but with just a few pulls of practice on Aluriel (and on Krosus) it was impossible to bring pugs there. Instead we had to settle for three farm bosses and then the raidweek was over. Meanwhile we were waiting for people to return from vacation that never returned. It was real bad.

It took us a month to recover the numbers and be back to Spellblade Aluriel. And then it took us quite a few weeks of progress to get anywhere in the fight. Even if we had set plans for every step of the fight, we were still not doing it right and Luria started calling the fight “The Mark of Frost game”, claiming that all she cared about was that we handled the Mark of Frosts correctly. But we still kept failing on the Mark of Frost game a while longer. Eventually we had just done every mistake there was about thirty times each and we started to finally do them less. And a light approached at the end of the tunnel. Finally we killed her! Good job everyone for struggling to the end.