Awakened Earth

Second heroic raid and we are off to see Terros again. We had a few pulls on him on Thursday and our dps seemed a bit low. Today we played a bit better, it was clearly a good idea to sleep on it, and got further with everyone alive. And then after a few more pulls there it was, a dead boss! More to come next reset, because tomorrow we are trying to finish normal mode.

Raiding begins!

The Vault of the Incarnates is finally open and we have entered! Yesterday we saw some normal mode bosses, which are perhaps the most appropriate for us to progress through first considering our gear, but still we entered heroic today just to see how hard it was. Eranog is the first encounter of the raid and it turned out that he was easy, as we killed him in very few attempts. Then we went to Terros and failed for the rest of the evening!

Dragonflying here we come!

See you all in the new expansion!

Da Sausage!

After the fated affixes to raids came out we mainly spent time rekilling bosses we have already killed, on heroic and mythic, and didn’t kill many new things. This week we decided to try to kill Dausegne mythic in Sepulcher of the First One, and since we had some gear upgrades we thought it would perhaps be a lot easier than last time we were here. While that was probably the case, it still wasn’t easy. The first night we didn’t manage to kill her, but tonight we came back and tonight she died!

Observe: The artdepartment was on holiday when the boss died, and created the screenshot based on descriptions.


With two mythic bosses dead already it started feeling a bit strange to not yet have finished heroic mode and killed the Jailer! We have had constant progress but the fight is pretty long and it had just taken us a while to get to phase three with everyone alive. This week we finally managed to get it right and kill him once and for all. The final heroic mode of Shadowlands is finally cleared. Only mythic bosses left!

Burrowed Time!

While working on the Jailer fight we decided to continue farming the first mythic boss. On the days we did that, we also went past Skolex, the Insatiable Ravener, and tried to figure out that fight. We changed our tactics a few times, to get less burrows, because we just didn’t have the dps. And tonight we finally got him down!

Observe: The art department stood quite far away when they took the screenshot and thus the picture ended up a bit blurred without much detail!