Bloody Hell!

The first mythic encounter in Nathria is Shriekwing, and before tonight we had already had some time to wipe on this boss. Our main issue was phase two, where we kept coating the floor in blood instead of keeping it tidy. A few times we did well in the first 2nd phase, and then messed up royally in the second. Tonight we finally sorted ourselves out! Shriekwing is dead, more mythic bosses to come!

Sludge and Stone

Two more encounters down tonight: Sludgefist and Stone Legion. Stone Legion presented no difficulty at all, we were basically disappointed in the fight. But Sludgefist we had to progress on and get better at not breaking chains. We ended up being very precise with positioning for the ranged and that made it come together. Good job everyone, only Denathrius left!

Boogy down!

It’s a new year and we started off strong by clearing two new encounters: Lady Inerva Darkvein and Council of Blood. We didn’t struggle particularly on either of them, and we even had time for quite a few wipes on Sludgefist. We will have to return to him next reset, but for now two more bosses are dead! Only three to go!

Joy to the world, Xy’Mox is dead!

It’s the middle of the holidays but we managed to find time for a raid, and went back to Artificer Xy’mox. The last time we were here we got to the last phase but we didn’t manage to kill him. Today we had more luck! We only needed a few pulls and then Xy’mox was dead! Ho ho ho!

Salvaging the Sun King

Next on the agenda was Sun King’s Salvation where we first struggled a little bit with the adds. We kept doing bad transitions, where we would just be getting a new set of adds, and these new adds plus the Shade of Kaelthas and the phoenixes would be overwhelming. It took us a little while to sort it out, but once we did we got further and further into the encounter until finally he died – or lived rather! Good job everyone, Xy’mox is next!

Fun with Beams!

Second week of Castle Nathria and back to Hungering Destroyer. We struggled a little with Volatile Ejections, hitting other people running with beams or hitting people standing in melee. But over time we improved and towards the end we were making big safe movements with the ejections. And then the boss died! More to come!