More Dragons!

The next fight we went to look at was Il’gynoth. We spent more than a whole raidnight trying to get that fight to work, but in the end it seemed we just didn’t have the dps. Late in the Sunday raid we finally decided to move on, since we had an impression from the normal modes that at least two of the other bosses would be easier than Il’gynoth. We went to the Dragons of Nightmare, and after doing a few pulls it was clear that we weren’t far off a kill. We had so little raidtime left though that we had to save it for the next day. And the next day it didn’t take long before they were dead. Good job all! Next is Ursoc.

Observe: The art-department would like to inform that the above screenshot is in fact not of the bossfight. Influenced by the current American elections hype they instead chose to sculpture the dragon’s faces on a mountain and screenshot that.

The Nightmare Begins!

The Emerald Nightmare has finally opened. Yesterday we did a sneak preview on normal and killed five bosses. Today we’re back to try the heroic modes. The first boss in the Emerald Nightmare is Nythendra. We noticed already on normal that she wasn’t that complicated, although we confused the fight completely by spinning the boss and it ended up looking like we were headless chickens running about. Today we changed that tactic to having the boss be stationary, and after two wipes she was dead! First boss down, more to come. We went onwards to Il’gynoth but it seemed we’ll need a little work to get him down, we’ll be back for more on Sunday!




See you all in the new expansion!

Holiday, Celebrate!

Once again we’re off on a raidbreak. We didn’t kill Archimonde mythic, though we did get him to the last phase, but at least we saw all bosses in Hellfire Citadel before we went on holidays.

We’ll be back for more in Legion!

Set up for wipes!

Next on the list was Xhul’horac, who would turn out to be the hardest boss in the whole citadel. We knew already when we started working on him that he would be tricky and that other guilds had specific setups. Unfortunately we didn’t have anything near the setup needed, which made us have to think of alternative tactics to the most commonly used ones. We also started off with failing on every small part of the fight, such as not placing green fire right, and not moving when a void would jump to you. We had countless painful tries, and we altered the positions many times to try to make things easier. Meanwhile we were trying to recruit the classes needed but without much luck. A few mages came and went. Eventually we decided to try to get at least close to the setup needed through alts, and Partam, Dailyheals, and Schwepz all tried fixing up their alts as best as possible – which made things a lot easier. We started getting further into the fight, and in the end, after 150 wipes, Xhul’horac finally died! Good job everyone! Mannoroth next!



Next on the list was Tyrant Velhari. We knew ahead of time that she would be hitting hard and that it wouldn’t be an easy fight. We had a tactic in mind, where at the start of the fight the ranged would make two separate groups and soak Edict of Condemnation together. After some deaths we remade the tactic to have one group that would gather in the middle instead, after all the Aura of Oppression didn’t really do that much damage. Following some more issues in phase one, mainly with Annihilation strike, we started getting to phase 2. At first we had some dps issues getting her down to 40% fast enough. Our solution to that was to not let any of the “three minute cooldown people” pop their CDs at the start, and instead wait for phase 2 to pop them. From that point on everyone continuously remembered to pop their cooldowns at the exact right moment, and we soon had the boss dead. Excellent job everyone!