Fun with Beams!

Second week of Castle Nathria and back to Hungering Destroyer. We struggled a little with Volatile Ejections, hitting other people running with beams or hitting people standing in melee. But over time we improved and towards the end we were making big safe movements with the ejections. And then the boss died! More to come!

…and the three bears.

Today we came back to heroic mode and had another go at Huntsman Altimore. The fight wasn’t a pushover but it’s still one of the easier fights in the raid. After a few wipes Altimore was dead, and we went onwards to the Hungering Destroyer where we spent the rest of the evening wiping. Back for a kill next week!

Castle Nathria

We started our Shadowlands raiding last night on normal mode, and realised instantly that the raid had been tuned up for release. The bosses weren’t pushovers and it felt really fun! Today we entered heroic, and again felt the resistance. We wiped a bit on Shriekwing before we killed him. We had time to pull the huntsman who we’ll likely kill the next time we go heroic, but on Sunday we’ll probably aim to finish normal mode. Feels good to be raiding again!

Waiting for a new expansion!

Battle for Azeroth has come to an end. See you all in Shadowlands!


Finally we had only Il’gynoth left to kill before we could open the gate to the last 2 bosses in mythic Ny’alotha. We started off with the “do not dispell”-tactic that we had heard good things about, but which we soon abandoned. Instead we chose to dispell and do our best dealing with the mindcontrols. After realising that mages are very good at oneshotting people by accident (as well as on purpose) we still stuck to this tactic and slowly made progress. For a little while we fell apart in the last percentages, but tonight we finally sorted it out! Il’gynoth is dead! Onwards to the last 2 bosses!!

Snake eyes watching you!

Seven (or eleven?) pulls was all it took for us to clear the Dresta’gath mythic encounter. Even if it was a chaotic encounter we were going with the flow, dancing with the devil, and it was easier than we expected. It’s all a game to us. Next we’ll push up the ante and head for Il’gynoth! Nothing else to say really, read it and weep!