Swatting Bugs!

We thought rekilling the first four bosses on heroic this week would be easy. But we were wrong. Vectis had recieved a sneaky buff, and what had seemed a little tricky last week now seemed really hard. We didn’t kill him on the Thursday, and we didn’t kill him on the Sunday either though we spent the whole raid. Today we finally got past him, and headed to Zek’Voz. Thankfully there wasn’t anything special to the encounter and we had him down without much fuss. Zul Reborn is next!

Getting Probed!

Last night we got stuck on Vectis and tonight we were back for more! We had the impression that maybe Zek’Voz would be easier, but since we had already started working on Vectis it seemed like the right move to finish him off first. It felt like we weren’t that far off a kill anyway. However, it seemed we were wrong. We spent almost the whole evening wiping from not having enough health to survive abilities, usually due to not having enough dps to quickly kill the adds doing the healing-absorb debuff. Towards the end of the night we however got it together and finished the fight! Vectis down, and we end the first week at 4/8 heroic kills. More to come!

Entering Uldir!

New expansion and new raid! First heroic day and we decided to go counterclockwise in the circle area! All the bosses went down fairly easy until we got to Vectis. He turned out to be the wall of the first night, but we will be back tomorrow to finish him off! Three bosses dead, Taloc, MOTHER and Fetid Devourer!

School’s out for Summer!

Without much time left before a summerbreak we decided to extend from Varimathras to see if we could kill the Coven of Shivarra. We had some difficulties with crowdcontrolling the Army of Norgannon, since we didn’t always have enough CCers. However it still seemed quite doable, especially when we realised that the new lady, Thu’raya Mother of the Cosmos, wasn’t that tricky to deal with. We gradually improved in the fight, and then – just when we wanted to take our summerbreak – they bit the dust! Good job everyone, last raid of Legion and we stopped at 9/11 mythic encounters down! See you all in Battle for Azeroth!

Tactics approved by Quinnspyro!

Onwards to Varimathras! Immediately we figured out that the fight was the type where everyone has to execute tactics completely right throughout the whole fight, and any mistake would wipe us. The tactics to execute however ended up being bad, and we altered our tactics about five times before we settled on “the bearface” seen below. We pre-practised the tactics in the back of the room, used three tanks, and then wiped and wiped while learning the fight. And then it just happened, from wiping after 1 minute we suddenly had a try where we got to 20%! And then that happened one more time! And then all of a sudden everyone nailed the bearface and Varimathras was dead! Coven next!


Arriving at Kin’garoth we were under the impression that the fight would be easier than Imonar, but as we started progressing that changed. Imonar was difficult in the sense that we had to survive step by step, but when we finally hit the berserk timer – we were not far off from killing him. On Kin’garoth we soon realised that the dps requirement to kill the adds was skyhigh and it initially felt like we were nowhere near reaching the right numbers. We tried planning the addphases out, mapping out which cooldowns would be up when, when to pop potions; and meanwhile we were getting good practise at the fight. And things started to move forward. For a while we were stuck at the 3rd addphase. We would do everything right up until that point, and then after the 3rd addphase we’d mess up and start dying. In the end we decided to swap the order of which add we killed last, and that helped. A few more wipes and Kin’garoth was dead! Yay, good job everyone!