Going Clear!

Next was Imonar the Soulhunter. We knew he would be the first hard mythic encounter, and we were not mistaken. Early on we wiped on the first bridge, then we wiped on the second platform, and then the second bridge, etc. After a while it started going better and we started getting further – once in a while. When we entered the raid tonight we had died from every single ability of the encounter, more than once. But the upside was that we knew every phase, except the 5th, really well. And Ingekek could probably clear the even bridges in his sleep. And then he died! Not Ingekek; well, him as well; but Imonar the Soulhunter! Good job everyone, it was certainly a group effort!

Stable Portals!

Portal-Keeper Hasabel was next on the agenda. We made plans for who would go to which platform when, and who would stay down. Teldryn, Toebi, Kailyn and Voicíes were the ones in charge of getting buffs on other platforms and bringing them to the current one. We had expected the fight to be hard, and we started out not killing imps fast enough and having explosions. The buff-people however acted exemplary and almost immediatly had their jobs down. We had an idea that the third platform would be hurtful, but it turned out that as soon as we got there the fight was over. First time on third platform and Portal Keeper Hasabel is dead! Imonar is next!


Next on our list was Antoran High Command. On the very first pulls it already seemed like an encounter we would get down fairly quick, but we didn’t quite get there. The next raid we had high hopes that we would kill it, but we ended up having huge issues with healing meaning that we didn’t get much progress at all. Today we came back again and with the healing sorted out we soon got really far into the fight. Just a few more tries and they were dead! Good job everyone, 4/11 mythic down!

Who Let the Dogs Out?

We had heard that Felhounds of Sargeras were easier than Eonar and thus should have been our second destination in mythic. We were thus hopeful that we would kill them quite quickly, but simultaneously we were getting into big number-troubles. To be frank this whole expansion have been a long series of having too few raiders, as every time we have fixed it something new has happened. It feels like we have been recruiting non-stop really. We managed to pull the hounds one night for about 30 mins with pugs and we almost had a kill in that short time, but not quite. Today we were back for the second time, with some fresh blood and no pugs! Lo and behold they went down in just a few tries, and we are finally 3/11 mythic. Podpeople next!

Hunting High and Low

We decided that Eonar the Lifebinder would be our next stop! We thought it seemed like an easy fight, and it also had tier dropping, so it seemed like a good idea to pass on the dogs and here first. We were very organised with who would go to the Paraxis and when, and we had really good communication during the fight. But still we had issues, primarily in the end of the fight where the last few energy was always the place where we would wipe. We just didn’t kill the last mobs on time. After some cancelled raids due to numberissues we finally pushed through the last part as well. Eonar is alive! Good job everyone!


Mythic modes have started! First up is Garothi Worldbreaker. We soon passed the start and middle of the fight as those were the easy parts. We had some issues with losses from Eradication, but we soon sorted that out with cooldowns. However the end of the fight we struggled more with. The Empowered Annihilations were really difficult to handle, and we seemed to mess up every time we got there – missing one or more annihilation. But with a bit of practise, and with all the melee also involved and getting jobs, we finally defeated the encounter! Garothi Worldbreaker mythic is dead! More to come!