Who Let the Dogs Out?

We had heard that Felhounds of Sargeras were easier than Eonar and thus should have been our second destination in mythic. We were thus hopeful that we would kill them quite quickly, but simultaneously we were getting into big number-troubles. To be frank this whole expansion have been a long series of having too few raiders, as every time we have fixed it something new has happened. It feels like we have been recruiting non-stop really. We managed to pull the hounds one night for about 30 mins with pugs and we almost had a kill in that short time, but not quite. Today we were back for the second time, with some fresh blood and no pugs! Lo and behold they went down in just a few tries, and we are finally 3/11 mythic. Podpeople next!

Hunting High and Low

We decided that Eonar the Lifebinder would be our next stop! We thought it seemed like an easy fight, and it also had tier dropping, so it seemed like a good idea to pass on the dogs and here first. We were very organised with who would go to the Paraxis and when, and we had really good communication during the fight. But still we had issues, primarily in the end of the fight where the last few energy was always the place where we would wipe. We just didn’t kill the last mobs on time. After some cancelled raids due to numberissues we finally pushed through the last part as well. Eonar is alive! Good job everyone!


Mythic modes have started! First up is Garothi Worldbreaker. We soon passed the start and middle of the fight as those were the easy parts. We had some issues with losses from Eradication, but we soon sorted that out with cooldowns. However the end of the fight we struggled more with. The Empowered Annihilations were really difficult to handle, and we seemed to mess up every time we got there – missing one or more annihilation. But with a bit of practise, and with all the melee also involved and getting jobs, we finally defeated the encounter! Garothi Worldbreaker mythic is dead! More to come!

A Quickie!

We’re up to the final boss, Argus the Unmaker. Because Luria’s computer decided to break a few days ago, we went with Teldryn as raidleader and a quite decimated team since Christmas is around the corner. As it turned out Teldryn did a stellar job leading, because the boss went down in just a few pulls.

Observe: The kill-picture is sadly missing since the art department was stuck on trying to load Windows. The moment was however captured with a print screen as Argus was defeated.

Remembering how to CC!

Two bosses left to kill, and the first is Aggramar! Yesterday it seemed our healing wasn’t up to par, because even if we were in control of the adds in phase 2, we were still dying. Today we were suddenly doing much better, and it early on felt we’d soon have him down. In the end we managed to kill him at the very same second that we wiped, so… I guess he’s on farm now?! Good job everyone, Argus is next!

Sense of Dread!

The second week of Antorus and we have reached Coven of Shivarra. The normal mode was easy, but we noticed straight away that the storms on heroic mode create a big step up in difficulty. Especially depending on what order the Torments come in. Because of the novelty of the storms we had a few pulls where we forgot everything and just ran about like headless chickens dying on all different mechanics. However, we soon picked ourselves up and things started running smoother. A little while later, they were dead! Ten down, two bosses to go!