Merry Christmas 2018!

Happy Holidays to and from everyone in Lazy Peon Tavern!

Beware of the Hole!

The final boss in Uldir is G’huun! While G’huun is clearly the trickiest heroic fight in Uldir, we soon realised he wasn’t going to be one of those endbosses that would takes us a month to learn the encounter of – like Kil’Jaeden in Tomb of Sargeras. We soon felt like the fight was very doable, even though we kept dying in phase 2. We changed tactics around the Bloodfeasts to make sure that not everyone cleared their stacks at the same time, and that we kept having a large add to deal with. After this alteration we started getting to the 3rd phase, and a few more pulls later G’huun was down! Good job everyone! Heroic mode is cleared, Mythic next!!

Ancient Awakening!

Only two heroic bosses left in Uldir, and first up is Mythrax the Unraveler. At first we had ideas about staying towards certain sides to not have orbs up where we wanted to fight adds in phase 2, but then we abandoned that idea and just spread out around the boss. We decided that Imminent Ruin wasnt that bad, and you didnt have to run a mile and be more than 100 yards away from everyone when it went off, and we assigned only one Sphere shooter, Actuarius. After these decisions were made phase one was going pretty smoothly. We still died a bit in phase two, but after some more practise we got better there as well. And then Mythrax the Unraveler was dead! Seven down, one to go!

Born Again!

It’s the third week of raiding, and again we had a bit of an issue passing by Vectis. Once we got through, we finally reached Zul Reborn. The fight was one of the harder normal fights, so we assumed the heroic mode might be tricky. It turned out that the main thing was to know when to transition into phase 2. After we figured out when to transition, we worked a bit on actually executing the tactic – and then it worked and Zul was defeated. Two bosses left!

Swatting Bugs!

We thought rekilling the first four bosses on heroic this week would be easy. But we were wrong. Vectis had recieved a sneaky buff, and what had seemed a little tricky last week now seemed really hard. We didn’t kill him on the Thursday, and we didn’t kill him on the Sunday either though we spent the whole raid. Today we finally got past him, and headed to Zek’Voz. Thankfully there wasn’t anything special to the encounter and we had him down without much fuss. Zul Reborn is next!

Getting Probed!

Last night we got stuck on Vectis and tonight we were back for more! We had the impression that maybe Zek’Voz would be easier, but since we had already started working on Vectis it seemed like the right move to finish him off first. It felt like we weren’t that far off a kill anyway. However, it seemed we were wrong. We spent almost the whole evening wiping from not having enough health to survive abilities, usually due to not having enough dps to quickly kill the adds doing the healing-absorb debuff. Towards the end of the night we however got it together and finished the fight! Vectis down, and we end the first week at 4/8 heroic kills. More to come!