Domo Arigato!

After entering transmog hell as horde characters, we faced Mekkatorque! The fight on normal mode had been quite easy but the heroic mode felt like a big step up in difficulty from the Rastakhan encounter. Especially the second phase hurt a lot. We quite quickly decided to increase the amount of healers, which instantly helped. Soon enough Mekkatorque was defeated! We then went onwards to Stormwall Blockade and it turned out to be a bit of a pushover. Two bosses down in one night! Jaina Proudmoore next!!

Pronouncing Bwonsamdi?

Rastakhan’s encounter in Dazar’alor turned out to be more complicated than we first thought, mainly because it was so tricky to say “Bwonsamdi”. It then turned out that his phase was significantly trickier than on normal mode, which meant we had to say the name quite a lot as well. We quickly decided on a tactic of hiding behind Death’s Doors in that phase, but it took us a while to decide where exactly in the room to put the doors. At some point we realised that anyone who could clear stacks without using the doors, should do so, and at some point there we started taking much less damage in that phase. And then we got to the last phase and it was a kill. Good job everyone!

Fearsome Foursome!

Last reset we had some time to work on Conclave of the Chosen, which seemed to be the first harder boss in Dazar’alor. We struggled a bit on the Sunday, and then we had a wipenight on the Monday. Today we were back and suddenly it seemed a whole lot easier, mainly due to us using three tanks and Belldandie calling the taunts. After a few pulls they were dead! Onwards to Rastakhan!

All that Glitters is not Gold!

Second day in Dazar’alor and it took us a little while to get past Grong the Revenant. Next on the list was Opulence. We split the group, discussed tactics and assigned all the gems… and then once we got to the gemroom half the raid picked the wrong gem anyway. The second try went better and the third was a kill! We had some time at the end of the raid to look at the Conclave of the Chosen but only enough to notice they really hurt. Four bosses down, more to come tomorrow!

Probing Dazar’alor!

Battle of Dazar’alor is open and we’re excited for some new scenery! Yesterday we whisked through some normal modes and today we thought we’d do the same with the first four or so heroic modes. But we were mistaken! It turned out the Jadefire Masters gave a bigger resistance than we expected, and we spent the majority of the night trying to push them over. Once we finally moved on to Grong, he have up a fight as well and we ended the evening with only two encounters down! More to come on Sunday!

Bloody Sunday!

We felt Zek’Voz was a challenge but it turned out Vectis would be an even harder one. For two months we’ve hit our heads against the encounter, and for the past weeks continuously felt like “THIS is the week he’ll die!” and then not quite gotten all the way. Tonight started as just any other Vectis night, but then the stars suddenly aligned and it looked like he would actually die! And lo and behold he finally did! 4/8 mythics down in Uldir, and seeing the next raid comes out shortly that will probably be where we end! More to come in Battle for Dazar’Alor!