Sanctum of Domination!

A new raid and we are on our way to kill Sylvanas Windrunner! Well, soon hopefully. Today was the first raid and we got the first three bosses down. More to come!


Having only one boss left available we next went to Artificer Xy’mox. Our first problem was who should be moving the seeds, and from which position. Later on we also realised it was one of those “oh shit” encounters where big chaotic moments happen, and you get stuck on that moment for a while and then 20 sec later the next “oh shit” moment happens and now you have to progress that moment a while, until you get to the end of the fight. We ended up spending many pulls here, trying to get everything right. Tonight we finally got there! Good job everyone, Xy’mox is dead!

Perfect timing!

Next we went to Lady Inerva Darkvein. Very early we realised that there were specific windows where we wanted her to transition between phases, which would push back adds, or even eliminate them altogether. And it was also clear that if we didn’t hit at least one of those windows, preferably two, we wouldn’t kill the boss. This thus became one of the those fights where we forcewiped many times, just because we pushed to 75 % too fast or too slow. That also became something many people were annoyed at. However, we pushed through and; after a few pulls where we were bare seconds from a kill, but still wiped to a failed mechanic right at the end; we finally killed this boss. Great job everyone! It was definitely a group effort.

Heavy Pumping in the Corner!

Next was Sunking. To manage to have six healers on this encounter we used Lexual and Terenis for much of the progress. We buffed Quinnspyro, and let Lex pump in the corner, and hoped for the best. In the beginning we failed on the shields. A lot. First the healer shields, and then the dps shields. And it took us a good three weeks, but today the King is alive! Long live the king!

A Boat with Your Name on it!

The second mythic encounter we went to was Huntsman Altimor. It took us a while to get the Sinseeker’s right and a few times we managed to do bad transitions into the third phase. After the first night, yesterday, it felt like we had some way to go, but today he died almost straight away. Just like that! But we always get better when we have had time to sleep on it.

Bloody Hell!

The first mythic encounter in Nathria is Shriekwing, and before tonight we had already had some time to wipe on this boss. Our main issue was phase two, where we kept coating the floor in blood instead of keeping it tidy. A few times we did well in the first 2nd phase, and then messed up royally in the second. Tonight we finally sorted ourselves out! Shriekwing is dead, more mythic bosses to come!