Last Orc Standing!

And finally it’s time for Gul’dan. We will finally fight the “back to the future” boss from the alternate timeline created by Garrosh, or whatever the lore for this douchebag is. It’s almost like Blizzard just winged the in game story so they could put Gul’dan in the Warcraft movie and then have new players meet him in the game. In any case, Gul’dan had put up the hardest fight on normal so we naturally assumed he would be hardest on heroic as well. We were right! It took us several resets to progress on this guy, even though most parts of the fight were the same as on normal. The main reason for that was that we had a hard time dealing with the higher numbers required. In the end we improved, both on not getting hit by things like Fel Efflux, and on doing more damage. Tonight it went better than the other nights and all of a sudden the alternative Gul’dan was dead! Good job everyone! Mythic next!

Question: Now that we’ve killed orcs for several expansions, and we finally killed Gul’dan as well. Who will be the next orc-boss? Perhaps it will also be someone who was already dead and who will timetravel to us to be a boss? Our bet’s on Mankrik’s wife!