Guild Information

The guild
Lazy Peon Tavern is an alliance-guild located on Silvermoon-EU. We’re a small group of relaxed people that like to play together with a main focus on raiding current content.

Lazy Peon Tavern was formed in December of 2007 after a few of us had left the same guild out of dissatisfaction with the leadership. It started as a small 10 man guild, in a time where that was only viable for 2 raids, and has remained that way through the years. Most of the original members are still active, and our focus when recruiting has been to find other players that fit into our group. As a result of this the atmosphere and general mood in Lazy Peon Tavern is humorous and friendly, we often help each other out and are generous within the guild.

The main focus of the guild lies within raiding, our overall aim are to continuously clear all end game content while it is still current. However while that is the end goal we also aim to have an enjoyable time on the way there. To know our current progress see the Progression page.

The current organisation of the guild are as follows: (name of in-game rank is in parenthesis)

GM (Brewmaster): Kittenface, a Luria alt.

Officers (Bartender): Luria and Saerdon.

Raiders (Drunk): To be a raider in Lazy Peon Tavern means that you make an effort and show interest in helping the guild progress through end game raid content. You pay attention to changes in gameplay according to what recent changes your class has gone through. You keep your main character geared. You sign for raids frequently and you show up prepared.

Semi-Raiders (Hungover): In 2018 we created a new rank for players that can no longer keep up with being a raider but still want to raid with the guild. If you are in this rank you have no obligation to sign up for raids with any particular frequency, but when you do we expect your character to be geared (through mythic+ or through raids) enough to be equal to the others in the raidteam, not be boosted.

Casuals (Peon): Casuals have no obligations to help the guild progress but they also have no priority to go along to raids. Being a casual does not mean you never raid with the guild, it’s still possible to sign for raids and get picked in instances where many raiders are not available. There’s also a casual/alt raid every reset to join if you want. Since we don’t recruit for our casual rank, casuals are players that for various reasons have stepped down from being a raider.

We currently raid 3 days a week, Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays.

Raidtimes are always between 20.30 – 23.30 servertime, with invites 15 mins earlier.

Raid participation
Raiders are expected to be available for on average at least one raid a week, out of three, and to sign up for all raids (either as available or not available). Also to be on time carrying the appropriate consumables, reagents and equipment. You should be able to take directions on Teamspeak as well as be prepared through having read up on the zone we’re entering to make it easier for you to understand tactics etc., hence easier for everyone around you. This means that listening to Teamspeak during raids is mandatory, speaking is however optional.

Raids and other events are all posted on our Event Calendar (see “Events”).

Raids are always picked the night before the raidnight. This to ensure that if you aren’t picked for the raid, or if the raid turns out to be cancelled, you have time to make new plans for the evening. This also means that if your real life is usually so hectic that you never know until the same day if you can raid or not, you will not be able to be a raider in this guild.

We have one raiding team where all raiders are equal. If we have too many signups for a mythic raid anyone could be passed, regardless of their attendance or performance. Instead we keep track of how many times people have involuntarily sat out and pick between the people who’s “turn” it is now.

In Battle for Azeroth lootrules changed for all raids into Personal Loot. We previously used Suicide Kings lootsystem, and we continue to use Suicide Kings for “leftover loot” – loot that someone gets but don’t want to keep. For general info about Suicide Kings as described by Wowpedia click here, for info specific to the guild click here.

The Guild Bank
Materials in the guild bank are intended to be used by members of the guild instead of having to browse AH. Withdrawals should however be made in moderation if the items are extra valuable or something everyone is currently needing. Guild bank gold is primarily used for buying consumables for raids.

All information about our recruitment can be read on on a separate page called Recruitment. If you are interested to join us, make sure to look through that page before you make an application.

Guild Policies
  • Always behave in a respectable manner towards other people, in and out of the guild.
  • Be a fair player and never use any forms of cheats, such as goldsellers, powerlevelers and bots; if we find out you will be reported and removed from the guild.
  • Be fair towards other players, don’t steal mobs, nodes or similar if it is perfectly clear another player was ahead of you, unless the area is overrun with players and it’s a free-for-all situation.
  • Never ninja items in raids or parties or otherwise scam others, if it is clear to us you have, you will be removed from the guild.
  • If anyone else ninjas anything from you, stay cool and take screenshots, and then alert the officers. We will handle it for you and make sure maximum butt-kick possible is exacted.
  • Never take advantage of the guild bank. If you are unsure if something is OK to withdraw or not, ask an officer.
As long as you play fairly and act nice to others you will never have to worry about breaking any guild policies. Always contact an officer if you suspect someone else is violating the policies.

Summary of what we are:
  • Stable guild with long raiding history on Silvermoon.
  • Raiding current content 3 nights a week.
  • Relaxed atmosphere in raids, without losing focus or interest in progression.
  • Friendly humorous people.
  • Fantastic art-department (see website news).

Welcome to Lazy Peon Tavern!