Spec: Balance / Guardian
Guild role: Confused raidleader and strongly opinionated officer.
Fact: Will often get sidetracked when telling a pointless story.
Fact: Still refuses to use push to talk.
Spec: Blood / Unholy
Guild role: Odd forum administrator.
Fact: Technology geek and all out gamer.
Fact: His paladin tank once had a fanbase who used to praise him in whispers.


Spec: Marksman
Guild role: The voice.
Fact: Has a minor Pepsi addiction (who needs water?)!
Fact: Won fourth place at the Norwegian Airforce’s karaoke championship.
Spec: Holy / Disc
Guild role: Clean and solid.
Fact: Can write with both hands at the same time, but mirrored with the left!
Fact: Rides mountainbike on his spare time!
Spec: Restoration
Guild role: The stealth-perv.
Spec: Arms
Guild role: The beastslayer?
Fact: Considers himself a manchild.
Fact: Tries to be fast in a slow car on the racetrack IRL.
Spec: Havoc
Guild role: The beast.
Fact: Once got lost beetween the AH and the bank in Stormwind’s Trade District.
Fact: Will always refuse to do achievements.
Spec: Frost
Guild role: Guildkiller turned fellow magekiller?
Fact:Knows where every piece of mog/gear/item comes from, and knows ALL the quests!
Fact: Is obsessed with levelling characters and has all classes at max.
Spec: Affliction
Guild role: In charge of flavoured healthstones, and a general source of feelgood energy.
Fact: Is never short of a pair of scissors.
Fact: Has an almost erotic relationship with high quality pens!
Spec: Frost / Unholy
Guild role: The irresponsible older brother!
Fact: Once fell asleep on his keyboard during a raid.
Fact: Was suspected of being a drug-dealer by Teldryn!
Spec: Windwalker / Brewmaster
Guild role: Class clown.
Fact: Claims to sing with the voice of an angel.
Fact: Laughs at his own jokes.
Spec: Mistweaver
Guild role: Triangle!
Fact: Is the best (bath-) singer ever.
Fact: Is a pink lazy potato IRL!
Spec: Assassination
Guild role: Gnomeing around!
Fact: 1.94 sexy gnome IRL!
Fact: Likes riding things.
Spec: Subtle Outlaw Assassin.
Guild role: Pain in Luria’s arse.
Fact: The guildie with the longest repgrind. Every new recruit starts on hated.
Fact: Is famous on Youtube!
Spec: Affliction
Guild role: The chocolate chip.
Fact: Is almost always happy.
Fact: Doesn’t like kebab!
Spec: Holy
Guild role: The instigator.
Fact: Used to have a giant black dildo strapped to the hood of his car.
Fact: Works as a bartender in real life.
Spec: Shadow
Guild role: Argumentative currylover with a Talon King Ikiss complex.
Fact: Has, supposedly never Been taught proper. punctuation
Fact: Will always try to be the first guildie to maxlevel.

Raider Light

Spec: Marksman
Guild role: Tactic manipulator and Guild know-it-all.
Fact: Likes weird documentaries.
Fact: Is the only norwegian member of the “Myf Warhurst Appreciation Society”.
Spec: Beastmaster
Guild role: 80 gold!
Fact: Thinks the guild rank Drunk is a role description and raiding requirement.
Fact: Really wishes Dwarves were Horde!
Spec: Restoration
Guild role: Master of the 3 day hangover.
Fact: Can only be stopped by one thing, traffic!
Fact: Once had to choose between a girl and WoW, and he’s still here!


Spec: Destruction / Affliction
Guild role: Fapmaster
Fact: Always keeps one hand occupied while raiding…
Fact: Tries to make guildchat as pervy as possible and makes the dirtiest whispers.
Spec: Assassination
Guild role: Glaring pessimist.
Fact: Never gets a mainhand weapon until the next raidinstance is almost out.
Fact: Is not cheap, only thrifty!
Spec: Restoration
Guild role: Casual slacker.
Fact: /flirts with blood elves.
Fact: Gnome IRL.
Spec: Arcane
Guild role: Troll.
Fact: Secretly stalks others while their photo gets taken.
Fact: Slenderman in real life.
Spec: Frost
Guild role: The unwilling offtank!
Fact: Will watch pretty much any tv-show there is, good or bad doesn’t matter.
Fact: Has far too many alts!
Spec: Holy / Disciplin
Guild role: Casual slacker.
Fact: Is a huge lore geek.
Fact: Has never had a horde character!
Spec: Retribution
Guild role: Seldomlogger
Fact: Kept getting lost in Icecrown Citadel!
Fact: Is an old guildie of Worthie.
Spec: Restoration / FOTM spec
Guild role: Hide in a corner and heal
Fact: Doesn’t know boss tactics, only knows where to stand and not die.
Fact: Can power sleep during raids without Luria noticing.
Spec: Beastmaster
Guild role: The Starfish of our Milkyway.
Fact: One of the guild-founders and first members.
Fact: Has worked as both a gamemaster and developer of an online browser game.
Spec: Fire
Guild role: The raidmarker.
Fact: Would reroll Arakkoa in a heartbeat.
Fact: Is always back from break exactly when there’s 1.30 min left!
Spec: Enhancement
Guild role: The unexpected rager.
Fact: Presumably likes to vacuum.
Fact: Never gets the mount when there is a mount to get!
Spec: Beastmaster
Guild role: Streamviewer #1.
Fact: Secret raider wannabe!
Fact: Still hates Fizzles.
Spec: Restoration
Guild role: Hybridman – saviour of wonky raidsetups.
Fact: Was the first Keiko in the guild.
Fact: Asked for a break and then had to wait months to actually get it.
Spec: Holy / Discipline
Guild role: Spirit of Redemption.
Fact: Has consumed more than 13k Noggenfogger Elixirs!
Fact: Tends to go make green tea during tactics.
Spec: Unspecified
Guild role: Webpage handyman
Fact: Was once an officer in the guild.
Fact: Is afraid of wasps and other bugs.
Spec: Brewmaster / Mistweaver
Guild role: Raidlogger.
Fact: Secretly enjoys having boss crotch in his face.
Fact: Once made prettier by Cho’gall’s fist.
Spec: Discipline / Holy
Guild role: Relaxed party-boy.
Fact: Will always be looking for chances to put ketchup in your ears.
Fact: Is on a break from WoW while working in Australia.
Spec: Survival / Beastmaster
Guild role: Will always be dealt the crappiest hunter-jobs.
Fact: Started playing wow when he was 8 years old!
Fact: Has D.P.S. as his real life initials!
Spec: Shadow
Guild role: What? I dont know?
Fact: Is practising possession with his tulpa.
Fact: Will never have enough gold for tokens.
Spec: Arcane / Frost
Guild role:
Fact: Formerly known as Morten.
Spec: Beastmaster / Survival / Marksman
Guild role: Too cool for school!
Fact: Is a student of theology, and likes to smoke the herb.
Fact: Has about 500 days of played time, not a single second as a gnome!
Spec: Subtlety
Guild role: Sneaky troll!
Fact: Will always be alt-tabbed during trash.
Fact: Gets easily bored with the game and his class.
Spec: Blood / Frost
Guild role: Guild trendsetter and mascot.
Fact: Leveled engineering using gnomish slavery.
Fact: Proud owner of Drsnuggles!
Spec: Marksmanship
Guild role: Easily bored pessimist in game who never stops smiling IRL.
Fact: Can always be found in the AFK channel on vent.
Fact: Faction/race changes more often than others change socks.
Spec: Restoration
Guild role: Brings potential!
Spec: Restoration / Enhancement
Guild role: Wannabe ladies man.
Fact: Finds Hawaii pizza to be the most disgusting food!
Fact: Will always find a way to incorporate perverted jokes in a conversation.
Spec: Retribution / Protection
Guild role: The silent threat.
Fact: Stopped being our maintank due to bad university schedule.
Fact: Is a third wave feminist.
Spec: Enhancement
Guild role: Our happiest sounding raider!
Fact: Should never be trusted with a flamethrower.
Fact: Will sometimes need markers of where not to stand on bossfights.
Spec: Demonology
Guild role: Saerdon’s sister.
Fact: Has five gnomes and want a gnome druid next!
Fact: Has never raided, just levels new alts instead!
Spec: Elemental
Guild role:
Spec: Feral / Balance
Guild role: The ripper!
Fact: Likes topping the damagemeters (it happened in pugs we presume!)
Fact: Loves pizza!
Spec: Discipline / Shadow
Guild role: Professional procrastinator and overall problem preventer.
Fact: Always get a lazy person to do a job, because he will find the easiest way to do it!
Fact: Procrastination is my sin. I know that I should stop, and I will; Tomorrow!
Spec: Restoration / Enhancement
Guild role: Friend of Rysca.
Spec: Windwalker
Guild role: Friend of Ingek and Drsnusk.
Fact: Leveled his first character, a warlock, in RAF-style together with Drsnusk.
Fact: Could’ve been guild-moonkin if not for Luria hogging the spot.
Spec: Retribution
Guild role: Chillin villain!
Fact: Will never give up on ret.
Fact: Will one day kill the training dummy… for real!
Spec: Blood
Guild role:The sensible tank.
Fact: Has only ever mained tank or healer.
Fact: Owns more than 150 boardgames!
Spec: Havoc
Guild role: Debatably an imp.
Fact: Used to sleep until 4pm, now wakes up 5 am.
Fact: Thinks The Burning Crusade was the best expansion.
Spec: Combat / Assassination
Guild role: Dont geez any yer pish!
Fact: Wrote the first ever application to the guild, while drunk, in an in game mail!
Fact: Will always remember Molten Core.
Spec: Affliction
Guild role: The “What do we need? I’ll reroll.”
Fact: Has most likely changed his name while you read this sentence.
Fact: Is not unfamiliar with loose motions.
Spec: Frost / Blood
Guild role: Altoholic!
Fact: Will always be walking his dog when you need him!
Fact: Is no longer a gnome in worgen’s clothing!
Spec: Holy / Discipline
Guild role: The streamer!
Spec: Shadow
Guild role: The unforgettable.
Fact: Have absolutely no clue on how to heal.
Fact: Don’t tell anyone but I’m a Gnome in disguise!