Suicide Kings in Lazy Peon Tavern

Lazy Peon Tavern used Master Looter + Suicide Kings as a lootsystem, until Personal loot became mandatory in BfA. As of Dragonflight we went back to using Suicide Kings (although in combination with Need/greed where everyone just pass for the loot and then Luria hands it out). For a somewhat outdated explanation of Suicide Kings by wowpedia click here. For an explanation by Luria more specific to Lazy Peon Tavern keep reading.

What kind of lootsystem is Suicide Kings?:
Suicide Kings is a listbased lootsystem where someone higher on a list gets loot over someone lower. As loot gets distributed the winner falls down on the list. The list stays between raids, so if you ended one raid high on the list you start the next raid in the same place.

How do you start using Suicide Kings?:
You create a list ahead of time (we did this at the start of the expansion) by having all raiders roll 1-100. You note down what everyone rolled and make a list accordingly, from highest to lowest. This is done at the creation of a new list and only then. Once you have the list with all raiders on it, you are ready to use it in raids.

You can choose to make one list or several, which depends on if you think some loot should be handled differently than other loot. In Lazy Peon Tavern we have 5 lists.

What lists does Lazy Peon Tavern have?
We currently have 5 list:
1. Mainspec Mythic: For regular loot people want for their mainspec from mythic bosses.

2. Mainspec Heroic: For regular loot people want for their mainspec from heroic bosses.

3. Offspec: For loot that nobody wanted for mainspec/tier/special but someone wants for offspec. This list is below all other lists in priority.

4. Tier: For tier items, which we have decided are too special to be handled like “regular loot”.

5. Special: For special items which have a higher ilvl than all other loot from the boss and are supposed to drop rarely (list implemented in Dragonflight).

Every raider has one spot on each list. If you for some reason use an alt in a raid, you count as “offspec” and can only win loot on the offspec list.

How does it work?:
When an item drops in a raid, whoever is highest on the list and wants the item gets it. That person (the “king”) then “commits suicide” and is sent to the bottom of the list, relative to the players currently present in the raid. This means all the other people in the raid that was below him on the list is now above him and will win ahead of him the next time loot drops. Players not in the raid are frozen in their same position relative to the top of the list when a suicide occurs, the people in the raid move “around” them. That means if the bottom player on the list is not present, then the suiciding player won’t fall all the way to the bottom. And if number 3 on the list is not in the raid he will still be number 3 on the list next time he raids. The people in the raid switch positions with eachother while everyone not in the raid stay frozen. To rise on the list you need to attend raids where people higher than you on the list receive loot. The only way to fall on the list is to receive a loot. All new guildmembers enter at the bottom of the lists, after they pass trial (as if they just won a loot); and will thus be equal to the others straight away.

I didn’t get it and want more explaining:
In a guild there are 23 raiders. 10 people go to a heroic raid. Their positions on the Mainspec Heroic list are most likely not top 10. Their positions might be: 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20 out of a total of 23. A ring drops. Number 7 and number 15 on the list needs the ring, so the person with spot 7 gets it because he’s higher on the list. That means he falls all the way to spot 20, since 20 is the lowest position, aka suicide, in this raid. The people that were below spot 7 moves up, sometimes just one spot on the list and sometimes several spots. In this example the person who had spot 14 moves up four spots to 10th and passes three people, while the person who had spot 15 will only move one spot to 14th. At the same time the people in spot 3 and 6 don’t move at all. All the others that aren’t in the raid are frozen in their positions until they raid. If I’m not in the raid and I was at position 13 I will still have position 13 when I next raid. The only thing that changes if I don’t raid is who has the other positions. If for instance Ingeks was below me on the list, in spot 14, he is now ahead of me. When I next raid I will move about in the same fashion based on which other members are in my raid. People only move around on the list if loot drops and someone claims it, should everything be disenchanted nobody will move at all.

For even more detailed information read this thread by Luria on the forum (if you are on trial or are a full member), or perhaps see the gif below for a better understanding.

This just sounds complicated, do I ever get loot?
It is very easy to handle the lists and a quick way to distribute loot. The lootmaster just alt-tabs away and checks the lists for who had the highest position. Then he “suicides” that person, and goes on to the next loot item. Since people move around the lists a lot it’s easy to climb the lists and get in a position to get loot, regardless of if you’re old or new.

Why not just use Need/Greed, or Lootcouncil?
Need/Greed can be really unfair. You can roll poorly the whole raid, or the whole week, or several weeks in a row. And someone else can get all the gear they want while you got nothing. And that will feel really unfair. Instead we take turns who gets the loot.

Lootcouncil is a subjective lootsystem, and we think subjective lootsystems are high risk for disagreements and drama, and at the level we are raiding we see no reason to open that particular can of worms. This list-thing worked for us since WotLK and even if not a lot of other guilds were ever using Suicide Kings, it always seemed easy and fair enough for us. Every time we reached a problem we just discussed making a new list or not.

If you have any questions regarding our lootsystem you can ask on the forum or talk to Luria#2538 on battlenet or in game and she will try to answer.