Cake or Death!

Trilliax was next on the list. We made some assignments towards Scrubbers that we hadn’t had in heroic mode, and that was pretty much the only thing we did differently in the fight. The motto was: “Eating cake is more important than DPS”! We had a period when we struggled killing the first add on time, but that was soon sorted out, and for the rest we mainly wiped on Scrubber mistakes. In the end it didn’t take us very long to finally finish the encounter. Trilliax is dead! Aluriel or Krosus next?

Group effort!

We knew going in that Chronomatic Anomaly mythic would be an obstacle. Looking at other guilds most guilds were stuck at 1 or 3 mythic kills. Once we started working on it we soon managed to get through to an “oh shit”-moment where we continuously wiped. Looking at other kills it turned out they had the boss either dead at that point or close to dead. We were not even close. After that came a period of tweaking, trying to decide when to best use hero, how to move the boss best, how many people do assign to do what. In the end we had changed most things as compared to how we had tried the fight at the very beginning, and it was working much better. Most importantly we were getting more dps on the boss. In the end we were close to a kill every try and finally we got the last percent down. Good job everyone on killing Chronomatic Anomaly! Easy boss next?

Easing into Mythic!

Going into mythic we had an impression already that Skorpiron would be relatively easy. Once we started on the fight it turned out that the encounter was more complicated than we first expected. For a while we moved markers around and changed them a yard here and there to make sure the boss was always faced away from us, but the tank could still move away from Arcane Tethers. Once we had all that in order we had a period of wiping on the green phase damage, and then another period where we wiped from a specific shockwave that coincided with the boss destroying all but one pillars. But we sorted out all the kinks and in the end, it wasn’t that hard of a fight. Skorpiron is dead!

Last Orc Standing!

And finally it’s time for Gul’dan. We will finally fight the “back to the future” boss from the alternate timeline created by Garrosh, or whatever the lore for this douchebag is. It’s almost like Blizzard just winged the in game story so they could put Gul’dan in the Warcraft movie and then have new players meet him in the game. In any case, Gul’dan had put up the hardest fight on normal so we naturally assumed he would be hardest on heroic as well. We were right! It took us several resets to progress on this guy, even though most parts of the fight were the same as on normal. The main reason for that was that we had a hard time dealing with the higher numbers required. In the end we improved, both on not getting hit by things like Fel Efflux, and on doing more damage. Tonight it went better than the other nights and all of a sudden the alternative Gul’dan was dead! Good job everyone! Mythic next!

Question: Now that we’ve killed orcs for several expansions, and we finally killed Gul’dan as well. Who will be the next orc-boss? Perhaps it will also be someone who was already dead and who will timetravel to us to be a boss? Our bet’s on Mankrik’s wife!


Like Spellbender Aluriel, Elisande was an encounter where we hadn’t learned the tactics on normal. Because there were no tactics to learn. Since she was the second to last boss we had expectations of the fight being difficult. However once we started pulling her it was all much easier than we had thought. Once we realised that heroism was best at the pull things fell into place pretty quickly and we soon had a kill. Grand Magistrix Elisande down, only Gul’dan to go!

Flower power!

Of all the normal bosses, we thought High Botanist Tel’arn was the hardest – next to Gul’dan. For that reason we saved him to last of the optional bosses. In reality it turned out that since normal and heroic were exactly the same tactics, we didn’t really need to worry. He wasn’t easy. There were still aspects of the fight that just didn’t agree with us. But he wasn’t hard either. It didn’t take many pulls to have him dead! Just Elisande and Gul’dan left!