Many jobs, handle it!

We knew the mythic Ra-den encounter would be significantly more difficult than heroic, with a new Nightmare orb to deal with. To begin with it was a complete mess, and we were wiping really early in the fight. Then we changed the tactics, of having a half the raid rotate on jobs, into having almost the whole raid doing one job each. That worked much better, even if it involved melee dps. Soon it started to look like we would actually get into the second phase! And once we did the end of the tunnel was in sight, because the second phase was fairly easy as long as we were all alive going in. Today we finished the fight! Ra-den is dead! Great effort everyone!

Trying all the Positions

Next was Vexiona and one of our first obstacles was to decide where we wanted to position ourselves, the boss, the adds, and pools on the floor. We made several changes until the tactic was sorted. The fight itself wasn’t all too complicated, we instead suffered from a lack of tanks, as well as from not having too much time left each reset for Vexiona, since Hivemind and Xanesh still wasn’t fully on farm. This week we finally sorted out the last phase and she died! Too bad she hardly had any loot we wanted.

Aim to win!

The next mythic encounter was Dark Inquisitor Xanesh. We knew going in that the ball-aiming would be the main part of the fight and that it was a “nobody can make a mistake”-fight. To begin with we wiped a lot to the first team messing up their balls, and we thought it would take us ages if every group needed equal amounts of practise. But it turned out that it was mainly the first pattern that was tricky, and once we had made group 1 and 4 learn that pattern, we seemed to be close to a kill already. And tonight we sorted it out! Xanesh is dead! Good teameffort everyone, and nobody made 50 mistakes and had to be taken into a separate channel!

The bee’s knees!

We had an idea that mythic Hivemind might be tricky, since chaotic encounters are usually not what we do best. As expected this fight took us a while to master, while we had the tactics down almost immediately it was the execution that was lacking. We kept being rolled over, or not killing the Darters on time and getting behind. But after a few weeks of practice we were doing better and tonight we finally got the kill! Hivemind is dead and we are half way through mythic Ny’alotha!


We went to Shad’har next, thinking we would have an easier time with him than any of the other available bosses: Hivemind, Xanesh and Drestagath. While that might have been true, we still struggled a while with the Shad’har fight. We felt low on both dps and healing, and the fact that we had tank-trials in the middle of it (when the boss hits like a truck) didn’t help. But we slowly worked it out, got better at dealing with feeding the boss, and soaking orbs, and not taking damage in general. And then it started coming together. Tonight Shad’har finally died. Good job everyone!

Maut to Maut!

After the Skitra freekill we went to Maut and used all the worldmarkers to make assignments for every part of the encounter. We decided to use three tanks, and made Anagalf tank adds by the blue marker. The new decurse mechanic was fairly easy to deal with, so it was mainly business as usual. Soon enough we stopped killing ourselves in phase 2 and instead killed the boss! Good job everyone! 3 mythic bosses in one reset!