Behold the Nighthold!

Nighthold is finally here and we’re here to claim our tier pieces! We already killed some bosses on normal last night, so we knew roughly what the bosses would be like today. We had to alter our tactics from normal on Skorpiron, as it turned out we had misunderstood how to deal with the adds slightly, but normal was so easy that it wasn’t noticable. We had a few wipes before we sorted it out. On Chromatic Anomaly we spent some time wiping as well, mainly because we were too careless with avoidable incoming damage. We thought he was the hardest of the first three bosses. And then there was Trilliax who we took down pretty swiftly. Three down, Soulbender Aluriel next!

An Eye for an Eye!

Mythic Il’gynoth was a fight we had heard in advance would be hard. Early on we realised the rumours were true. One difficulty was deciding how many ichors to kill, who should do it, and when. Should we kill one at a time always? Should we try to gather up many and burst them down with healing cooldowns? Should everyone dps them, and was it only ok to single target? And how should we handle the second phase one? We didn’t try that many different ways, and pretty early on we settled for killing 8 at the start of phase one with cooldowns, and after that killing them two by two. We did a lot of mistakes, bringing them down unevenly so they didn’t die at the same time. And when we with some luck had good tries with the ichors, then we missed standing in a Death Blossom and got the debuff. We had to spend several evenings sorting out this encounter, but tonight we had a feeling he would die because we were close last raid. And we were right! Il’gynoth dead! Nighthold next!

On the very first pull of Dragons of Nightmare we knew we liked the fight. It seemed easier than our last progress bosses and also more fun. At first we were unsure of how many people to send through the portals, and we had some variation in the setups, but soon we figured out we wanted four people. It seemed like a boss we could have killed already last reset, but we had one less healer than we wanted on the outside and we were struggling to stay alive. The changes in setup also made the bosses go down differently fast which messed things up for the tanks. Today we managed to have enough healers and to sort out the third phase slightly better than before – and wham bam the bosses were dead! Il’gynoth next!

Hell Yeah!

Once in a while there are encounters that people just dislike so much they almost want to sit out of the raid to skip it. Helya heroic was, for several raiders, one of those encounters. It’s a long fight, and to begin with we had a lot of wipes in phase one. We tried altering the tactics a few times to make things easier, but it seemed to just complicate things. In the end we went back to the same tactics we had in the beginning, and then we started to more reliably pass into phase two and three. Once we modified our plan for phase two the end of the fight came together pretty quickly and we started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Then finally we made everything work, and she was dead. Yay! Now we can focus on Emerald Nightmare mythic again!

Web of Pain!

We had heard that Elerethe Renferal would be a pretty easy mythic encounter, even though there would be a lot of changes to the tactics. We decided early on how we wanted our positioning, and never really altered our tactics much. However knowing and doing are two different things, and it took us some tries to get better at the mythic execution. The release of Trial of Valor stumped progress a little, as we were choosing between Elerethe and Helya heroic. In the end we decided to go back to Elerethe Renferal tonight, and surprisingly enough she died on one of our first pulls. Good job everyone. Dragons of Nightmare next!


After killing Odyn last reset we had very little raidtime left to look at Guarm. However the few pulls we had it seemed like it would be a quite easy fight if we could just cope with the high damage of his charge. We quickly sorted out cooldowns, and even used Ingekek’s Darkness to stand in. With a few more tries Guarm was dead! Only Helya to go!