Poor Plague-tactics!

Last day of the first week in Antorus. We started at Kin’Garoth and immediately did better than last night. The main issue was killing the adds on time, and failing to kill them – dealing with the leftover adds when the addphase was over. It felt like a big step up from the other bosses, both in dps requirements, but also in damage the raid was taking. However we didn’t need that many pulls tonight to sort him out. Kin’Garoth down! Next on the list was Varimathras. We thought he was really easy on normal mode, and we had heard that Coven was hard on heroic, so it seemed clever to do Varimathras first. However the tactic we had read up on was not working whatsoever. We had read Icy Veins about how to deal with the Necrotic Plague and were trying to have friends with immunities follow the player with plague and we spent a lot of pulls with 2 people trying to make something work that clearly didn’t work. After the break we decided to try and see what would happen if we just let the one person run off alone and lose their plague. Turned out that was the way to go and a few pulls later he was dead. Eight bosses down in the first week. More to come!

Contract to Kill!

We started the evening with clearing normal mode and killing Argus. Then we entered on heroic mode to continue on Imonar the Soulhunter. The fight was really easy compared to Portal-keeper Hasabel, and we had him dead almost straight away! Then we reached Kin’Garoth who we had felt was the hardest boss of all on normal mode. Turned out he was even harder on heroic, and we spent the rest of the night failing to kill him. Tomorrow we’ll be back and hopefully then we’ll get him down as well.

Entering Antorus!

The last raid of the expansion and we’re in space fighting the demons on their own planet! Yesterday we entered on normal mode and tonight we started poking at the heroic modes. What we immediately liked about the instance is the fact that there are a lot of options as to what order you want to do the bosses in. It’s always nice when you can pick and choose instead of following a linear route. The first five bosses seemed quite easy, Hasabel being the hardest and we wiped a series of times before she died. We didn’t have enough time left to poke Imonar so we will do that on Sunday. Five down, six to go!

Sundering Doom!

Just like Sisters of the Moon, mythic Desolate Host seemed like a harder but doable fight. We made some alterations back and forth with who would be on which side, who would be the 3rd tank – Soulone – and how to deal with the realmswitching. But for the most part we just kept pulling and trying to get through the heavy damage. Just like previously in mythic Tomb of Sargeras we had some issues with numbers that held us back a little, but mostly we just needed some time to get good at the fight. For a while it seemed like we didn’t have the dps required, but in the end we had a lot of time left for the last phase. Finally this week we got him down! With so little time left for Antorus we will not have time to kill another boss in Tomb, so we will have to end this tier with 5/9 mythic bosses down. Well done everyone!

The Dark Side of the Moon.

Arriving at Sisters of the Moon we already had a plan of what to do and assignments, this however didn’t mean the fight felt easy. It was very clear Sisters would be the first hurdle in mythic Tomb of Sargeras. Our overall tactic altered very little as we progressed. The only thing we changed was how we handled the different “ultimate ability”-moments, the rest was all about not making personal mistakes. We had some raidnights cancelled due to low numbers, and we had some nights with questionable setups where we didn’t really get anywhere. But finally we had sorted out most of the kinks and suddenly we beat them! The Sisters of the Moon are dead, great job everyone!

Time for AoE!

We assumed Harjatan would be the easiest mythic mode after Goroth, and it looked like we were right when we first reached him. We had a plan for the eggs, and even if the first few pulls were a little chaotic and painful it still seemed like a very doable fight. The next night we had to start with only 19 since a recruit were late for the raid, and we decided to have a few practise pulls even if we were one short. Turned out we didnt need the practise because Harjatan decided to just fall over. With the 20th sorted we instead went onwards to look at the Demonic Inquisition. We had a sneaking suspicion that we would have issues on this fight as we felt we were always being a bit shoddy on heroic mode. But it turned out that all we needed was Exùra calling who was going into the prison and when – and suddenly the Inquisition was dead! Two encounters in one night – good job everyone!