Like Spellbender Aluriel, Elisande was an encounter where we hadn’t learned the tactics on normal. Because there were no tactics to learn. Since she was the second to last boss we had expectations of the fight being difficult. However once we started pulling her it was all much easier than we had thought. Once we realised that heroism was best at the pull things fell into place pretty quickly and we soon had a kill. Grand Magistrix Elisande down, only Gul’dan to go!

Flower power!

Of all the normal bosses, we thought High Botanist Tel’arn was the hardest – next to Gul’dan. For that reason we saved him to last of the optional bosses. In reality it turned out that since normal and heroic were exactly the same tactics, we didn’t really need to worry. He wasn’t easy. There were still aspects of the fight that just didn’t agree with us. But he wasn’t hard either. It didn’t take many pulls to have him dead! Just Elisande and Gul’dan left!

The Stars Aligned.

Next heroic encounter was Star Auger Etraeus, partly because he dropped tier, and partly because Botanist seemed like the hardest boss on normal. We spent a little time deciding how to deal with the Novas and how to position ourselves in the different phases. Once we had figured that out it was pretty smooth sailing. We had increasingly good tries until he fell over! 7/10 heroic down after the second week. Good job guys!


It’s Sunday and time for heroic Tichondrius! The first thing to learn was Brand of Argus which hadn’t been present on normal, and it didn’t turn out to be any major obstacle. Instead what we struggled a little with was having enough dps on the boss while dealing well with the adds. After making some assignments and getting more used to the fight – we sorted it all out. Heroic Tichondrius is dead, Star Auger next!

Bridging Out

After killing Trilliax last reset we had a raid and a half more with possible progress on Spellblade Aluriel. However we ended up having a wonky setup on the Monday wish made the fight so much harder than the night before, and we ended up having a wipenight. Today we were back again for a few new tries, and the difference was like night and day. Spellblade Aluriel died in just a couple of tries. Onward to Krosus who turned out to be a much easier fight. We had some bad pulls but then we sorted it all out. Krosus dead, more to come!

Behold the Nighthold!

Nighthold is finally here and we’re here to claim our tier pieces! We already killed some bosses on normal last night, so we knew roughly what the bosses would be like today. We had to alter our tactics from normal on Skorpiron, as it turned out we had misunderstood how to deal with the adds slightly, but normal was so easy that it wasn’t noticable. We had a few wipes before we sorted it out. On Chromatic Anomaly we spent some time wiping as well, mainly because we were too careless with avoidable incoming damage. We thought he was the hardest of the first three bosses. And then there was Trilliax who we took down pretty swiftly. Three down, Soulbender Aluriel next!