Spiky Progression!

Mythic modes, finally! Goroth is first and then we get options! We had an idea that the first fight wouldn’t be that hard, and once we started pulling it was a little harder than we thought, but it still felt like it would be doable. We gave Teldryn and Spaas jobs, as usual, to deal with the Rain of Brimstones to make less of us have to pay attention to them; and we had plans of when to break pillars and up until which point. And thankfully, considering our Kil’Jaeden progression, we got this down really quickly! Goroth is dead, and our mythic progression has started!

Oh Shit Moments!

We reached Kil’Jaeden over a month ago. In this month we’ve swapped maintank and been very low on healers, and had a few nights when we couldn’t go to Kil’Jaeden at all because we didn’t have a reasonable setup. A few nights we went with only 11 people, making lots of dps sit out, just to be able to go even though we were low on healing. It’s also been a hard fight. We’ve died on practically everything you can die on, several times over. And once we’ve pased an “oh shit moment” we’ve found another “oh shit moment” just around the corner that we’ve had to figure out how to deal with. It’s been really fun, disregarding the issues with the group in general, to progress on a hard fight – but at the same time it’s felt like time has been running through our fingers and it’s been frustrating to just fall further and further behind other people. It’s been highs and lows, and it’s certainly been a team effort to push our way through this fight. Finally today we’re done! In the end we only needed a few good men to survive and finish the fight it seemed, because 6 people finished him off while the rest of us laid dead on the ground. Great job everyone who were a part of this one!


Only two heroic bosses left and the first is Fallen Avatar. We had realised already on normal mode that the fight was mainly tank-dependent. Since we were in the middle of recruiting a new tank, we had a few different tank-setups on the previous normal kills, and that made for some recalibrations every time. Once we did all the tank-movements right, and didn’t forget to dps Maiden during her Cleansing Protocol, we were already close to a kill. A few more pulls and Fallen Avatar was no more! Kil’Jaeden is next!


Only three heroic bosses left and Maiden of Vigilance is the first! Early on we realised that the fight was easy, and as long as we didn’t make too many mistakes we would get her down quite soon. For a few pulls we kept making mistakes with colours, accidentally touching the wrong balls, or being to close to people with the opposite debuff. But after a few pulls we sorted that out and wham bam the Maiden was dead! Avatar is next, and hopefully we’ll get him next reset!

Tormented wailing!

The second week of Tomb of Sargeras and we’re back to the Desolate Host. We decided already last raid that we would have the spirit side move over to the incorporeal side during Wailing Souls, since it was hard for the healers to keep everyone alive without using all their mana. We made some mistakes with Soul Bind and with getting the armour off the Bonewardens, and we wiped a few times. But after a couple of tries, the Desolate Host was no more! Hopefully Maiden dies tomorrow!


After being stuck on Mistress Sassz’ine at the end of the last raid, we knew it would take a few more pulls to get her down. Tonight it didn’t feel as hard though, even though we were still losing people to Hydra shots. After a couple more wipes Sassz’ine was dead! Onwards to the Sisters of the Moon. On normal mode the fight seemed really easy, so we were prepared for more. However it turned out that the abilities we were prepared for were mythic abilities! It still took a few pulls to kill them, but in honesty – the trash up to the sisters were almost harder! We went on to the Desolate Host, and spent the rest of the evening there without getting a kill. Tomorrow’s raid we will spend on finishing normal mode Kil’jaeden, but Desolate Host should go down next reset!