Tentacle Terr’Or

After having a few pulls on the heroic mode of Warlord Zon’Ozz a previous week we learned the dark phase seemed messy. Not just due to tentacles spawning everywhere but mostly because everyone had different opinions and we spent most of the time discussing who should run where and how and when they should do it. Now that the 15% nerf was implemented we decided to have a second go, and after a few tries of doing the exact same tactic every time we started improving. Once we swapped places on Luria and Worthie we started surviving longer (although we’re still not sure exactly why that swap changed anything) and after having a sub 10% wipe, we got it together and killed not only the tentacles but Zon’Ozz as well! Five heroic modes down and Warmaster Blackhorn will be next.

The art department would like to point out that the new type of font on the screenshot is not a misprint, but possibly a permanent change of font for the webpage.