After starting progression Iron Qon heroic a number of times, and then changing our minds and going for another heroic mode, it seemed it was time to finish what we had started. We had significant progress last reset where we got to the last phase, and we would have gotten him down if we had had about 30 minutes more to spend. This reset we were back and determined to get a kill. It seemed as long as we made it through the Wind Storm we would get him down. After a few mess ups in the last phase in regards to Scorch, and a few messups on the storm, we did better. We made it through the storm and the scorches. Iron Qon and all his mounts are dead!


The art department lost the screenshot of this particular kill, and have instead looked through the archives. While flipping through old photos they came across this David Hasselhoff inspired shot, from a few years back when his quilens were still pups. Very tasteful!