Ironing out the Tactics!

The first heroic mode that felt significantly hard in Siege of Orgrimmar was Iron Juggernaut. To begin with it seemed like we didn’t have enough cooldowns to survive, and then it seemed like even if we did manage to survive we still wouldn’t have the dps to beat the berserk timer. It felt like a big step up the ladder from the previous five bosses. When we reached Juggernaut tonight we had already been quite close to a kill, and we were certain the group would be good. We had three mainspec healers and a cooldown rotation, and now it was just for the dps to do their job and kill the sucker! And finally we did it! With 1 second to go on the berserk timer he died! Yay us! Next heroic encounter will be Nazgrim!


Observe: Unfortunately the art department’s camerastand fell over just as a mid-fight screenshot was about to be snapped. This is the reason why there is no boss in the actual picture, just the ground next to him.