Group effort!

We knew going in that Chronomatic Anomaly mythic would be an obstacle. Looking at other guilds most guilds were stuck at 1 or 3 mythic kills. Once we started working on it we soon managed to get through to an “oh shit”-moment where we continuously wiped. Looking at other kills it turned out they had the boss either dead at that point or close to dead. We were not even close. After that came a period of tweaking, trying to decide when to best use hero, how to move the boss best, how many people do assign to do what. In the end we had changed most things as compared to how we had tried the fight at the very beginning, and it was working much better. Most importantly we were getting more dps on the boss. In the end we were close to a kill every try and finally we got the last percent down. Good job everyone on killing Chronomatic Anomaly! Easy boss next?