The Mark of Frost game!

After killing Trilliax we tested both Spellbender Aluriel and Krosus. We decided that while Krosus seemed to have an easier tactic, it still seemed hard to deal with all the adds, and the run back was brutal after every wipe. We decided that we had to learn the tactics for Aluriel eventually anyway, and we may as well do it straight away with a shorter run back. Then problems hit. Easter came round the corner and several raiders had planned vacations. At the same time some raiders took a break from raiding. We were already slightly low on numbers after having parted ways with two raiders a short period before Easter and now we were in big trouble. We resolved the troubles by pugging, but with just a few pulls of practice on Aluriel (and on Krosus) it was impossible to bring pugs there. Instead we had to settle for three farm bosses and then the raidweek was over. Meanwhile we were waiting for people to return from vacation that never returned. It was real bad.

It took us a month to recover the numbers and be back to Spellblade Aluriel. And then it took us quite a few weeks of progress to get anywhere in the fight. Even if we had set plans for every step of the fight, we were still not doing it right and Luria started calling the fight “The Mark of Frost game”, claiming that all she cared about was that we handled the Mark of Frosts correctly. But we still kept failing on the Mark of Frost game a while longer. Eventually we had just done every mistake there was about thirty times each and we started to finally do them less. And a light approached at the end of the tunnel. Finally we killed her! Good job everyone for struggling to the end.