Time for AoE!

We assumed Harjatan would be the easiest mythic mode after Goroth, and it looked like we were right when we first reached him. We had a plan for the eggs, and even if the first few pulls were a little chaotic and painful it still seemed like a very doable fight. The next night we had to start with only 19 since a recruit were late for the raid, and we decided to have a few practise pulls even if we were one short. Turned out we didnt need the practise because Harjatan decided to just fall over. With the 20th sorted we instead went onwards to look at the Demonic Inquisition. We had a sneaking suspicion that we would have issues on this fight as we felt we were always being a bit shoddy on heroic mode. But it turned out that all we needed was Exùra calling who was going into the prison and when – and suddenly the Inquisition was dead! Two encounters in one night – good job everyone!