Sundering Doom!

Just like Sisters of the Moon, mythic Desolate Host seemed like a harder but doable fight. We made some alterations back and forth with who would be on which side, who would be the 3rd tank – Soulone – and how to deal with the realmswitching. But for the most part we just kept pulling and trying to get through the heavy damage. Just like previously in mythic Tomb of Sargeras we had some issues with numbers that held us back a little, but mostly we just needed some time to get good at the fight. For a while it seemed like we didn’t have the dps required, but in the end we had a lot of time left for the last phase. Finally this week we got him down! With so little time left for Antorus we will not have time to kill another boss in Tomb, so we will have to end this tier with 5/9 mythic bosses down. Well done everyone!