Poor Plague-tactics!

Last day of the first week in Antorus. We started at Kin’Garoth and immediately did better than last night. The main issue was killing the adds on time, and failing to kill them – dealing with the leftover adds when the addphase was over. It felt like a big step up from the other bosses, both in dps requirements, but also in damage the raid was taking. However we didn’t need that many pulls tonight to sort him out. Kin’Garoth down! Next on the list was Varimathras. We thought he was really easy on normal mode, and we had heard that Coven was hard on heroic, so it seemed clever to do Varimathras first. However the tactic we had read up on was not working whatsoever. We had read Icy Veins about how to deal with the Necrotic Plague and were trying to have friends with immunities follow the player with plague and we spent a lot of pulls with 2 people trying to make something work that clearly didn’t work. After the break we decided to try and see what would happen if we just let the one person run off alone and lose their plague. Turned out that was the way to go and a few pulls later he was dead. Eight bosses down in the first week. More to come!