Organising Orgozoa!

Next boss on the list was Orgozoa and we knew it would be a three tank fight with heavy tankdamage. As we were looking to recruit a second tank (as we have been the whole expansion really) there were quite a few different setups over the following weeks of progression. Early on we decided on fixed positions in the room, with some back and forth about where the boss should best be tanked. And then we just went at it, wiped, and went again. Not much changed over the weeks, other than that we got better at doing everything right and not taking unnecessary damage. And this week we finally had it! Orgozoa is dead! Tight job everyone!

Observe: Some people were assigned the same position every week. Others were less lucky… The artdepartment chose to, instead of a bosspicture, publish a chart of Kailyn’s different assigned positions.