Puzzle: Who are the gnomes?

This story takes place in a secret future patch, hopefully not far away!

To celebrate the fact that Blizzard has released a new race-class combination, gnome hunters, a level 1 Gnomish race of Death is organized! Seven guildies sign up: Kailyn, Rattie, Ingek, Act, Bínus, Rigr and Zodera. As their gnomes line up at the start we realize that they are all very different. Every gnome is a different class, with a different hair colour. They are all wearing alliance city tabards, but different ones. They all have companion pets, but different types. And for some reason the racegnomes all have names from Snow white and the Seven Dwarves, but different ones!

Your task is to figure out which gnome is standing where on the starting line, using only 26 statements. You also need to figure out which guildie is playing which gnome. What class it is. Which hair colour it has. Which pet it has. And which tabard it's wearing.

This is a puzzle, with no relation to actual events, where all the clues you need to solve the puzzle are in the statements below. When you think you have the correct answer, type in your name and submit. There will be prizes for all participants!

Good luck puzzling!


 The gnome with the blue hair is played by Ingek.

 The warrior is standing right between Sneezy and Grumpy.

 The gnome wearing a Stormwind tabard is standing directly to the left of the white haired gnome.

 The mage is standing next to the black haired gnome.

 Next to the gnome played by Rigr is the gnome wearing a Gnomeregan tabard.

 The priest has pink hair.

 The gnome with a beetle pet does NOT have green hair.

 The gnome with the mongoose pet is standing directly to the left of Bashful.

 Sleepy is standing next to the gnome played by Zodera.

 The rogue is standing between the gnome in the Tyushu tabard and the gnome in the Ironforge tabard.

 The monk has a squirrel pet.

 The gnome wearing a Gnomeregan tabard is standing exactly in the middle of all gnomes.

 The gnome played by Kailyn is standing directly to the right of the gnome wearing an Exodar tabard.

 Happy has a frog pet.

 The gnome with a Gilneas tabard is played by Rigr.

 The warrior has red hair.

 Doc is standing between Act’s gnome and the gnome with a Skunk pet.

 The brown haired gnome has a rabbit pet.

 The hunter is standing next to the green haired gnome.

 The gnome wearing an Ironforge tabard has a bat pet.

 Grumpy is played by Bínus.

 Dopey is wearing a Darnassus tabard.

 The red haired gnome is NOT standing next to the gnome with a mongoose pet.

 Zodera’s gnome is a warlock.

 The green haired gnome is standing all the way to the right.

 The gnome with a frog pet is standing next to Rattie’s gnome.

Further information:

None of the information in the puzzle is actually true or has happened. It's made up just for the puzzle. The only thing that is true is that the 7 names of players are actually players in our guild. The rest is fabrications, so there's no way of knowing any more information than what is in the statements.

Anything you write in the boxes will be saved when you close the page if you choose to “Save the Answers”. This means if you start one day you can continue another, as long as you don’t delete your cookies.

If you have already used up the information in a statement and you feel like it’s in the way and you rather not keep reading it, you have the option of greying it out. You grey and un-grey statements by clicking on the statement number.

There is a logical path through the statements where you can fill in more and more blanks in the puzzle. However the statements are not written in that order, they are jumbled, and the tricky part is to find the next helpful statement and focus on that.

If you want to guess rather than puzzle, or if you want to guess when you get stuck, nothing is preventing you from doing so. There is however always a way forward without guessing.

I've never seen a puzzle like this before and I don't get it!

This is how it works:
You get the information that there are 7 gnomes standing on a starting line. They all have different attributes. Below the picture above there are 7 columns, representing each gnome. Each column has 6 rows, representing the attributes:

1. Name of the racegnome.
2. Class of the racegnome.
3. Haircolour of the racegnome
4. Pet of the racegnome
5. Tabard on the racegnome
6. Who is playing the racegnome.

Below there are 26 statements which you are intended to use to puzzle your way into which gnome is standing where and with which attributes. In the statements you will find 7 of each attribute (names, classes, hair colours, pets, tabards, and guildies), and the objective is to type them all into the correct place in the grid.

For example these could be two statements:
Luria is playing the middle gnome.
Luria's gnome has yellow hair.

If these statements were in the text you could write in "Luria" on row 6 of the middle gnome (the 4th column).
And then you could type in "yellow" on row 3 of the same gnome.

Some statements will be this easy, that you can type them in immediately.

Most statements will not be this easy. Instead you will have to use the different statements to exclude possibilities.

For example these could be two statements:
The orange haired gnome has a cat pet.
Rysca's gnome has a parrot pet.

From those two statements you can deduct that the middle gnome does not have a cat or a parrot pet, as you already know it's played by Luria and has yellow hair.

There are 26 statements and by using the information from them you will be able to puzzle your way forward. Sometimes you may get stuck, in which case I suggest you start excluding options. Suddenly you realise that the gnome to the left (for example) have 6 classes it definitely can't be, so it has to be the seventh. This will be how you solve the puzzle.

If you have filled the grid; you have put in 7 names, pets, classes etc; and can read through all the statements and they are true for your grid, then you have completed the puzzle correctly!