Puzzle II: Overwatching!

More spots are being released for Overwatch beta, and Blizzard has made a queue-system for the players who want to test it out. Seven of our guildies happen to have gotten the first 7 spots in line! They are all superhyped about the game, and are all planning to stay up all night playing. They’ve gotten comfortable in pajamas, and they’ve stacked up on snacks and drink. However curiously enough, no guildie has the same drink or snack as anyone else. Everyone has a different colour pajama, and everyone wants to play a different Overwatch character. To discuss the game they all want to sit on voicechat together but everyone is suggesting a different chat! Luria has recieved a few facts, but has a hard time getting a clear picture of the situation. Can you help Luria figure out where the seven guildies are in the queue and what character they all aim to play; who has which drink; which snack; which colour pajamas; and using which voicechat.

Use the statements and the grid below to figure out what’s going on!

 Soulone is wearing a yellow pajama.

 The guildie who’s alone on Discord wants to play Tracer.

 The guildie eating peanuts is directly behind the guildie wearing green pajamas.

 Toebbi wants to play Hanzo.

 The guildie eating bananas is right between Kihel and Soulone in the queue.

 Quinn is adjacent in the queue to the guildie on Mumble.

 The guildie who’ll play Mercy is adjacent to Ingek in the queue.

 The guildie in the white pajama drinks tea

 The chocolate-munching guildie would like to use Raidcall.

 The guildie drinking milk has the queueposition right between the crisp-eating guildie and the guildie who wants to Teamspeak.

 The guildie who’s drinking coffee is fifth in the queue.

 The guildie in a purple pajama has a queueposition adjacent to the guildie who’s already getting tipsy on beer.

 Kihel doesn’t want to play Widowmaker.

 The guildie who wants to play Winston is directly ahead of the guildie who is drinking Coca Cola.

 The guildie eating popcorn wants to play Pharah.

 Ingek is last in the queue.

 The guildie wanting to play Widowmaker has the queueposition right between the guildies with the gray and blue pajamas.

 Teldryn wants to use Skype.

 The guildie eating ice-cream is adjacent in the queue to the guildie who’s sitting on Ventrilo.

 The guildie in a white pajama is somewhere behind Quinn in the queue.

 Right between the guildie who’s drinking water and the guildie hoping to play Reaper, is the guildie who’s adamant to use Dolby Axon voicechat.

 The guildie with the gray pajama has the queueposition directly behind the guildie who’s stacked up on cookies.

 The tea-drinker is adjacent to Toebbi in the queue.

 The guildie with a pink pajama has a queueposition adjacent to the guildie who’s on Discord.

 Bandaid is drinking Red Bull.

Further information:

None of the information in the puzzle is actually true or has happened. It’s made up just for the puzzle. The only thing that is true is that the 7 names of players are actually players in our guild. The rest is fabrications, so there’s no way of knowing any more information than what is in the statements.

Anything you write in the boxes will be saved when you close the page if you choose to “Save the Answers”. This means if you start one day you can continue another, as long as you don’t delete your cookies.

If you have already used up the information in a statement and you feel like it’s in the way and you rather not keep reading it, you have the option of greying it out. You grey and un-grey statements by clicking on the statement number.

There is a logical path through the statements where you can fill in more and more blanks in the puzzle. However the statements are not written in that order, they are jumbled, and the tricky part is to find the next helpful statement and focus on that.

If you want to guess rather than puzzle, or if you want to guess when you get stuck, nothing is preventing you from doing so. There is however always a way forward without guessing.

I’ve never seen a puzzle like this before and I don’t get it!

This is how it works:

You get the information that there are 7 guildies queueing. In the grid above there are 7 columns, representing each guildie

Each column has 6 rows, representing the attributes of each guildie:
1. Name of the guildie, as you know him.
2. Colour of the pajama the guildie is wearing.
3. Drink the guildie is drinking.
4. Snacks the guildie is eating.
5. Voicecom the guildie wants to use.
6. Overwatch chacater the guildie wants to play.

Below the grid are 25 statements which you are intended to use to puzzle your way into which guildie has what position in the queue and with which pajama, drink, snacks, etc. In the statements you will find 7 of each attribute (guildies, colours of pajama, drinks, snacks, voicecoms and Overwatch characters), and the objective is to type them all into the correct place in the grid.

For example these could be two statements:
Luria is first in line.
Luria is eating candy.

If these statements were in the text you could write in “Luria” on row 1 of the first column. And then you could type in “candy” on row 4 of the same column.

Some statements will be this easy, that you can type them in immediately.
Most statements will not be this easy. Instead you will have to use the different statements to exclude possibilities.

For example these could be two statements:
The person eating curry is drinking Fanta.
Feloreena is drinking wine.

From those two statements you can deduct that the first person in line is not drinking neither Fanta or wine, since you already know that person is Luria and she’s eating candy. Whenever there’s not an obvious way forward you will have to solve the puzzle by excluding options like this. Suddenly you realise that Luria has 6 drinks she can’t possibly be drinking and it definitely will have to be the seventh. This will be how you solve the puzzle.

If you have filled the grid; you have put in 7 names, colours, drinks etc; and can read through all the statements and they are true for your grid, then you have completed the puzzle correctly!